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The following describes the Social Media Policy for our website.

Term: PII is 'Personally identifiable information'

Current State of Social Media

The advent of modern technology has improved our ability to communicate and share information. While this is a boon for our daily activities, it produces unwanted results. With so much personal data available online, whether intentional or from unscrupulous activities, we remain vulnerable to identity theft, personal attacks, others using our person, or persona, for unethical or criminal activities. Privacy is hard to control as we conduct our activities online. Intimate details about ourselves, that should remain private, are routinely discovered and abused. This occurs anywhere online, possibly right on this website. There are dangers to our identities and personal and sensitive information from our online activities. Abuse stemming from personal identifiable information (PII) can lead to devastating actions. People can lose their identity, their possessions, or even their life. Lawsuits are being initiated daily against social media centric online entities, for the abuse of the PII of people using their website(s). Technology will continue to grow and evolve. As such, abuse of PII will continue, and will result in harmful actions against innocent people. It is imperative for online presences, such as this website, to provide a social media policy. Regardless of protections built around data and data storage, websites and online entities continue to get hacked daily. It is not safe to assume any PII is safe. The owner(s) of this website strongly encourage people to make their best efforts to protect themselves.

Social Media Activities Are Permanent

Social media usage is everywhere, including on this website. Assume that every action you take, such as mouse clicks, comments left, your viewing history of pages on this website, and any other activities done here are recorded. This is not necessarily the intention of the owner(s) of this website. The actions may be recorded by the hosting company that this website is run on. Any clicks on links to external sites, such as clicking on a link in an advertisement, or to follow a link to further information whether on this site or to an external site is most likely recorded in a database/datastore. Assume that any and all actions you take online are discoverable. This in turn builds up a profile of your online activities which can be exploited or used against you. simple click of a button to endorse a person, product, or service is building a cumulative profile about you, which you should always assume can be discovered by others. Your online actions can be captured by unethical or criminal entities. For example, when sending email it is routed through various servers and systems, and can be hacked at any point in the transmission.

Social Media Creates Misconstrued Intent

A post or comment that is meant to impart information, or a point of view, or a bias, can be interpreted by others to seem harmful, attacking, or otherwise bad practice. This can lead to online attacks. These attacks can be seen as dangerous and threatening. When online commentary is interpreted in an unintended way, harm, whether online or in person, can result to either or both the person creating the online commentary and the receiver of the information. Prudence is suggested in all online activities. People should think ahead before posting any online commentary that can be misunderstood. It is easy for someone to be considered to be harmful from posting online commentary, even if that is not their intention. This data becomes permanent and can create great difficulties for them. Exercise caution. Review all postings before committing to them,

Protection of Others

Because online activities, including but not limited to, comments, posts, messages, emails, and other online commentary, can be misconstrued, this can bring harm to others. Users of social media should be cognizant of the potential harm to others. Responsible social activity should be considered at all times. Users of social media should consider how their online activities and be harmful to others. Users of social media should make the best efforts to see that their online activities are applying best practices to protect others.

Protection of Yourself

Any online activity you perform can bring unintended, uncomfortable, unethical, and even dangerous results to yourself. Exercise caution and apply logical thought to all you do online. A moment of impulsive or rash behavior can follow you all your life. Make your best efforts to protect yourself from unintended consequences of your online activities.

Restrictions on Use of Social Media Data

As a visitor, user, contributor, of our website. or recipient of information or data from our website, you are restricted from certain activities. You are not permitted to collect or mine social media or other PII of users of this website. Even where people post commentary that includes any or all of their PII, you cannot assume that this data can be taken or captured though any means, including but not limited to web page scraping, screen shots or other types of screen capture, or manually writing down the PII information. You are not permitted to capture, reproduce, or reuse any publicly displayed PII data unless the person leaving their PII data explicitly gives permission to do so. In the case of any confusion on this matter, review our PRIVACY POLICY.

Accuracy of Social Media Data

This website contains user supplied data. There is no assumption that this data is correct, updated, or otherwise accurate. Review and use data and commentary at your own risk. This website and its owner(s) do not claim or guarantee any accuracy of data or information, whether supplied by the owner(s) or by users of this website.

Potential Liability Issues and Concerns

Be aware that your words and online activities could trigger harm caused to others. Although you have the right to free speech, you do not have any right to damage other people. Under tort law, you are always personally responsible for situations where either: 1. you were required to act, but did not (ex. "duty of care") 2. you were required to refrain from acting, but did not (ex. slander, libel, defamation, etc.) Sins of omission and commission can cause you to be liable for reparation to others, irrespective of how you conduct online activities, be it on a personal level, or through a sole proprietorship, a company, corporation, or other business activity. Consult a licensed attorney for legal advice. Change Notice: The contents of this page can change over time. Therefore, this page could contain different information the next time you view it. Any changes made are to be considered necessary to be updated as essential, and are always guided by the principal of protecting users of this site. Copyright Warning: All pages on this website are copyright protected. Any copying or selling of the information of this site is expressly forbidden. Contact: For any questions about the content on this website, use the contact information below.

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